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Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay


Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company  provides warehouse rental services to ensure safety for goods and warehouses that meet GSP (Good Storage Practice) standards. GSP applies to manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders, drug archives, ...

Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company currently owns a high quality warehousing system with a total ground area of ​​over 10,000 m², a convenient location for the storage and distribution of goods. In addition, Hung Vuong's warehouse is also equipped with modern 24 / 24h security equipment, adequate water and electricity, natural lighting ventilation system, ensuring that your goods are always stored in good condition.


Not only serving warehouse space for large areas, but we also have warehouses for small and medium enterprises with low areas to serve the needs of businesses. The company provides package services according to customer needs: receive goods, import and export, daily, weekly, monthly reports, professional loading and unloading. You rent a warehouse in Hung Vuong and want to transport goods to customers, Hung Vuong also provides door-to-door delivery and cheap domestic courier service for your convenience.

Hung Vuong applies technology to apply informatics to the system of documents storage and archives according to modern processes of international standards. With document records management system by barcode system and warehouse management software. This helps customers feel more secure in the process of controlling and managing their records easily and scientifically.

+ Training and professional transfer: Hung Vuong has a team of experts who are good at training and transferring to the organization of warehouse management and operation in a professional manner.

+ Loading and unloading of goods: By hand, manual forklifts, according to the nature and type of goods.

+ Security of warehouse: With professional security forces serving 24/24 hours and fire protection equipment system to meet strict technical standards, Hung Vuong ensures customers' goods are always saved. store in the safest condition.

From now on, you do not need to worry about renting space, warehousing, delivery staff and other taxes, costly more. We will manage the goods deposited in the warehouse, deliver goods as quickly as possible, collect COD and deliver the money to your hands. For those who need fast shipping during the day. We have express train service of the day to serve.

Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay