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Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay


Hung Vuong  is proud to be one of the leading prestigious units in the field of warehousing and storage services. Not only provide quality warehouse rental services, we pay special attention to building the optimal storage solution for our customers, calculating in the most economical way for each item, each form of storage. , each time of storage in the year, ... with a centralized warehouse system in two cities Hai Phong.


We provide warehousing services, from general warehousing, warehousing to the supply chain, bonded warehouse, retailing warehouse ... suitable to each customer's needs.

  • Bonded
  • Packaging and packaging
  • Container service
  • Collecting goods
  • Storage in transit
  • Storage warehouse
  • Export packing
  • Do heavy goods
  • Consulting services
  • Making goods oversized
  • After-hours and weekend services

Utilities at Hung Vuong warehouse :

  • There are guards, security camera 24/24
  • Standard fire protection system
  • Fully equipped forklifts, lowering goods
  • Container trucks take place 24/7
  • Update inventory details in real time.
  • Prevention, handling termite monthly.
Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay