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Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay


With this new VISION & MISSION statement, the Board of Directors wants every employee in the company to understand the following:

ABOUT THE VISION : The above vision indicates the purpose or position that Hung Vuong CPBB Company needs to strive to achieve in the next year as “Becoming a leading competitive enterprise in the paper packaging industry in the region. in the North on the working environment & value of products and services ”.

            In other words, all employees of Hung Vuong CPBB Company need to strive with all their spirit and enthusiasm to build a business environment (including offices, factories, equipment and people ...) clean. , friendly, professional, and modern. At the same time, we are constantly researching and creating new products with new values, improving the quality of services (including transactions and customer care) to be even more preeminent to be able to please the most demanding customers, the domestic and international customers. Not only that with that environment, we can attract more new talents, new intelligence to work and contribute to the development of our company.

            With the core values ​​mentioned above, Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company can carry out its MISSIONS for each relevant department and individual:

            Firstly, " For customers : To bring satisfaction to the quality, to improve the brand image, and to increase profits " means that when we create better quality paper packaging products, more value, with better quality of service will help customers' business more efficient, more profitable. At the same time, by the relentless efforts in creating design ideas, we can create product designs according to customers' needs and help the brand image of customers to be advertised too widely, near closer to consumers. This motivates every employee to ask himself "What should I do to increase customer satisfaction?".

            Secondly, " For the Board of Management : Developing a uniform and advanced management standard in accordance with the development trend of the business environment ": With the high spirit of the new VISION , all officials and the Board of Management of Hung Vuong CPBB Company will acquire and learn new working minds, new skills as the foundation for unifying the unity, without lack of dynamism and ability to cope with changes. The impact of factors affecting the production and business conditions of the company such as: changes in the socio-economy, epidemics, the development of technology or changes of competitors as well as requirements new needs of customers about substitutes ... This is the decisive factor for the sustainability and longevity of the business.

            Thirdly, " For employees: Building a hygienic, safe and effective working environment to increase income ": Understanding the role of each employee who directly creates products to convey values. The core of the company comes to customers. It is not the Board of Directors-Board of Directors but each employee needs to show his influence and role in building the corporate culture where each employee always asks the question “What more actions can I take to clean the factory? would it be more, safer? ” . Cleaner, safer that is the indispensable factor to convince the largest customers, the most demanding customers agree to choose our products. The effectiveness of the new job is then shown by the increase of income for each employee.

            Finally, " For shareholders : Sustainable profit growth, safe capital investment ": When all values ​​of products and services are improved, upgraded; when the executive team is capable of climbing the company through events affecting business and production; and when each employee has well performed the role of keeping the factory clean, safe and effective to conquer the most difficult customers, then it will also affirm the investment success of shareholders. That is sustainable profit growth.

            Therefore, this new statement " VISION & MISSION " is not only of the Board of Directors - Board of Directors but also the declaration of each individual officer of CNBB Corporation Hung Vuong: that the whole company a the bloc has identified a common goal, a common path to go in the next five years. To achieve that goal, each and every team of Hung Vuong CPBB is committed to work harder, harder and more open to absorb new ways and new thinking to improve and enhance the skills. , existing standards. At the same time, showing more responsibility for the collective work of not only the department, the part where I work, but also including other departments, other stages by thinking " What can I do to help colleagues My work better, more efficiently? ”.

            The new VISION & MISSION also affirms the belief in the solidarity of the staff of Hung Vuong CPBB Company to successfully conquer new heights and challenges.


Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay