Chúng tôi mang đến lợi nhuận bằng sự hấp dẫn của bao bì
06-05-2020 221
Car rental service
Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company is the service for renting cheap cargo trucks you are looking for. Owning a high quality truck fleet, a professional transport process and a team of dedicated...
06-05-2020 213
Service packaging
In the past few years, the field of packaging processing is growing and covering all provinces and cities across the country. The demand for paper box packaging of customers and businesses is...
06-05-2020 0
Warehouse leasing service
Hung Vuong  is proud to be one of the leading prestigious units in the field of warehousing and storage services. Not only provide quality warehouse rental services, we pay special attention to...
06-05-2020 23
Warehousing services
Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company  provides warehouse rental services to ensure safety for goods and warehouses that meet GSP (Good Storage Practice) standards. GSP applies to manufacturers,...
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