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Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay


Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company is the service for renting cheap cargo trucks you are looking for. Owning a high quality truck fleet, a professional transport process and a team of dedicated employees, customers will always feel secure and confident when choosing Hung Vuong's cheap truck rental service. 

Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company  is a leading company specializing in transportation activities, specializing in providing goods transport services by truck, truck crane, truck rental, crane truck, truck  rental  1t25 ton, 2.5 ton trucks, 3.5 tons trucks, 5 tons trucks, 8 tons trucks, 10 tons trucks, 15 tons trucks, cont trucks, cranes, self-propelled cranes, cargo handling services goods, rental forklifts, passenger cars, train driving cars, motorcycles, .... With the diverse strengths of trucks, cranes, services Hung Vuong has partly contributed to meet the demand. Indispensable for the transport industry in Vietnam, Hung Vuong has been improving its services better and we are constantly improving the quality of services to better meet the needs of our customers. Hung Vuong has a preferential price for long-term transportation contract and has promotion and incentive policies for customers who have signed a debt agreement (payment at the end of each month of shipping).


Transportation vehicle rental services of Hung Vuong Packaging Joint Stock Company

Hung Vuong specializes in transporting goods, moving houses, office packages. - Insurance on goods at the highest level. - With many vehicles: Diverse types of vehicles, operating 24h / 24h, meet all transport needs of customers. - Quickly, professionally in the packaging, loading and unloading process when performing the relocation service of houses, offices, offices ... - With long experience and professionalism, which have served thousands of domestic companies, the joint venture - Special offers to customers who sign a contract of carriage frequently. - Truck rental by day, month and quarter at the request of customers.

Xổ số Đại Bắc-xổ số miền nam hôm nay